That awesome feeling when you name the place where you work (even if, it is only as an intern!) and people look at you with┬ánew-found┬árespect! You know that you might not totally deserve that. You also know that it is not actually you, but the organisation you work for, that demands this respect within all … Continue reading

On the First Day of Her Future

So, here’s your typical girl starting at her new office today. She wakes up at 7 and thinks she’s doing a mighty fine job when she gets out at 8.03 am and walks to the songs by enya, click 5 and Outlandish. She gets to her ‘workplace’ by 8.40 and waits in the lobby for … Continue reading

All In A Month’s Work!

On the very first day of my internship, I was convinced that this would be my dream internship. There was every factor to encourage procrastination, laziness and all such vices that fall in this department. If you were to ask me the greatest accomplishments of my days as an intern it would be sipping a … Continue reading

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