10 Steps to Enjoying a Lazy Weekend

So, it’s a Friday evening and, you have absolutely nothing planned out for the weekend! The Saturday and Sunday that follow witness dark, thundering clouds looming in the sky for the most part of the day. You have your place to yourself. And your To-Do List seems pretty empty at the moment (Oh, there is always that laundry basket filled with clothes!).

Now, this might not be as scary a situation as an alien attack, an apocalypse, an earthquake or, a tsunami. However, I just happened to have survived one of those weekends with nothing on my list of things to do (at least for the immediate future!). Therefore, I like to think that, I am more equipped to write about surviving a task-less, lazy weekend than a column on surviving a natural disaster (let’s not get to the question of plausibility here!) OR, about wars (Which seem to be happening in all corners of the globe lately. Specially, if you are in the Middle-East!).

Anyway, here goes my list –

  1. Re-watch that movie/TV-show you thought was absolutely ‘brain-deficient’.

This could probably be that chic-flick or, the ‘utter-nonsense-of-a-movie’ which you promised yourself would be the last of its kind that you would spend your money on. The idea here is that, one look at the clouds pouring outside your window, and are motivated to do nothing. However, you slept like a log all afternoon and sleep isn’t exactly very willing to embrace you. Hence, you turn to the next best thing – you keep your eyes engaged with a mindless video as your brain chills in the background. Also, the longer the movie/TV-show, the better (you’d have to watch fewer to keep yourself engaged for the same amount of time, serves you the trouble of worrying about – what next?).

  1. Sit in your terrace and consider all the existential crises that you could potentially be going through (then, wonder why you aren’t!)

Nothing like a rainy day to make you ponder about where your life is headed. Or – for the pseudo-intellectual in all of us – where the world community as a whole is headed lately! Then look around you. Feel the calm that the surroundings impose on you. And then, put off all the worrying to another day as you enjoy this sense of joblessness. Best of all, blame this ‘don’t-give-a-damn!’-phase on the weather and move on to other steps on this list.

  1. Turn on your laptop with the resolve to do ‘something’, and end up playing music on speaker instead.

Turning on the laptop; something that really important people did in the 80s and early 90s to type important stuff into! So, let yourself feel very important for those few odd seconds it takes for your laptop to boot. Then go over to the iTunes icon (or whichever music player you prefer) on the desktop and play a nice song. Personally, I think sad songs go perfectly with rainy days. Oh, and do check out Indian Rain by the Colonial Cousins -> Best. Song. Ever (and, they didn’t even have to name it that)!

  1. Go online and start reading random articles.

I am rather confident that the maid at my parents’ place was convinced that I must be a very important person. I spent entire days in front of the laptop reading God-knows-what like my life depended upon it. And tweeted about it (nothing like tweeting something you read to give you that false-sense of not-wasting your free time! If anything you are giving fodder to fill up the free-time of your ‘followers’). The thing about reading things online is, you could have started reading soon after breakfast, and then you kept opening new Tabs, till you can barely read what the Tab reads, and it is already lunch-time.

At some point, you hate the fact that hyperlinks were ever invented! Still, some part of you will remain indebted to that person for all the rest of your lazy weekends. That, and Google! Also, check out www.fmylife.com  (came recommended by my GP Tutor. He prescribed it for occasions when you feel like your life sucks… You know, to give you some perspective!), www.lamebook.com and, www.quitfacebook.com – They never fail to put a smile on my face!

  1. Read a chick-lit. Or the male-equivalent of it!

They say ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ And that is exactly what these books promise you – A mindless tale of some girl or a guy. Well, during the course of working on this piece, I discovered that there is such a genre as ‘lad lit’. Don’t believe me? Check out what this ‘lad lit’ author has to say – http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/3292795-lad-lit-authors-the-male-version-of-chick-lit . Either way, these books are worth the money you pay for them, not because you come away with some grand moral-of-the-story or a valuable insight of the world we live in. No, you love these books because they help you forget reality, which is often as dreary as the weather outside my window had been this weekend.

  1. Scroll down the ‘Home’ page on Facebook hoping that you will one day reach the bottom of this.

So, Facebook is a funny place. You get depressed when you are on it, as you watch all your friends graduate, get a job and get married and realize that somehow, you are still waiting for all that to happen in your life. Then you decide to treat your mild-depression by going off Facebook. Later, you feel left out of class-discussions on the Facebook page, so you get back on Facebook. Interestingly, as a friend of mine rightly pointed out, people log out of Facebook when they get tired of scrolling down and log right back into Facebook, because they get bored with reality! My only question is – Do we really need that website for our survival?

  1. Give yourself a nice oil massage with the promise of showering after an hour. Then go to bed and wash it off the next morning.

While I can’t vouch for the benefits of leaving oil on your hair overnight. I can assure you that, sometimes, it feels rather rewarding to skip that wash sometime late in the night and, starting the next day by hitting the shower instead.

  1. Get high on the ‘sugar sachet’ you picked up at Costa Coffee

Now, my friend suggested some good, old, pot. But I ain’t a fan of narcotics. So, instead I indulge in the one high that I do allow myself; I generously stack up on sugar sachet from all the places I visit and on dreary days, I open up a couple of them, somewhere in the middle of the day, and empty the content into my mouth.

  1. Sit around with your friends and have a good laugh

It is not every day that you manage to sit around with your friend and discuss every random thing under the sun. And laugh about it like it was the funniest thing the two of you have ever thought of. Maybe some of the lighthearted-ness is contributed by the fact that you both don’t really have much else to do anyway!

     10.  Head to the neighboring Supermarket.

Some of the best memories in my life happened when I decided to head out to the supermarket across the road on an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon. It just goes to show that, great adventures happen when you least expect them. You just have to be a sport and be open to the journey ahead.

Now that I have listed out all these, it is up to you to try them, and make good use of this opportunity. Either way, savor these moments, because they don’t come by that often!

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