Lost In A Metro

Hyundai recently released an advertisement in which, a woman returning home from work takes the highway exit instead of dutifully following the directions displayed by her GPS. At this point a male voice tells us that, ‘this place; it’s where you get lost to discover yourself’. I am neither endorsing Hyundai, nor that advertisement, but … Continue reading

The Reunion

(Author’s Note: This piece is dedicated to the one friend in my life who makes the word ‘friendship’ look like it is a highly deficient and malnourished form of what we share! And since our circumstances seem to constantly rebel with our attempts to meet each other, I shall concoct a fictional reunion to get … Continue reading

Reaching Mumbai!

Three days before my day of departure, I was left stranded with a cancelled ticket and I still had not managed to find a place to stay when I reached my destination. I had no other option but to ask my father to come down to Mumbai and help me out. The best part of … Continue reading

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