The Romance in Letter Writing!

When I was reading through this article on Youth ki Awaaz, I couldn’t help but feel a little insulted. Here I was, having just finished another long letter to a friend of mine, and people seem to be romanticizing the idea more than looking at the romance in it!   Liang Le and I decided … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Aditya Roy Kapur

This is an informal letter that I hope would reach the addressee’s eyes. But more importantly, I hope he enjoys reading it, as much as I enjoyed framing it in my head! Sadly, due to my self-imposed teetotalism, I cannot claim the defence of being in an inebriated state of mind. This piece comes out … Continue reading


That awesome feeling when you name the place where you work (even if, it is only as an intern!) and people look at you with new-found respect! You know that you might not totally deserve that. You also know that it is not actually you, but the organisation you work for, that demands this respect within all … Continue reading

‘An Obsessive-kind-of-Love!’ My entry for the Get Published Contest.

The Story One evening, as two friends discuss their respective first loves, the narrator realizes that her friend might have had a past that she is not all that comfortable sharing about, and she is still not completely over that someone. The story pans around the period of the late 2000s  and is set in locations around … Continue reading

The Last Goodbye!

I always thought it silly, That you should cry inconsolably, Each time we parted; As if, it were the last goodbye!   If only I had known, That you’d be gone, Before I started wishing I’d wept, The last time I bid you farewell.   Now a burden weighs me down, That plasters on my … Continue reading

A Resurrection

This is something that I penned down for the creative writing competition for the cultural fest at NIT Calicut this year. The organisers were kind enough to adjudge this piece as the best entry. Essentially, I had to come up with something that referred to all three items in the given photo. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading

My Kids!

Yes! I have kids! 4 of them! They are mine. I love them. I have learnt so much more from knowing them than I would have in the comfort of an air-conditioned lecture-hall where they once told the 600 students present about ‘Overseas Missions Trips’! These kids make my life worth living. They are the … Continue reading

The Inception!

At 10.30 on the Saturday before my semester end exams, I am faced with the dilemma of choosing between two equally tempting options of either to continue studying for my English paper OR to create an account on WordPress. What I ultimately chose is anybody’s guess! It is not that I do not appreciate English. … Continue reading

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