On the First Day of Her Future

So, here’s your typical girl starting at her new office today. She wakes up at 7 and thinks she’s doing a mighty fine job when she gets out at 8.03 am and walks to the songs by enya, click 5 and Outlandish. She gets to her ‘workplace’ by 8.40 and waits in the lobby for about half an hour only to find that she is here only to finish up some paper work and that her real office is some 2 hours away…

“Depressed” does not even come close to explaining what she is presently going through. Heart-broken almost does justice to her current state of mind, but still falls short somehow. She reluctantly decides to check out her ‘actual office’. Takes a bus as she was directed, gets down at a bus-stop and takes another bus.

Finally, she finds herself walking back one kilometer before she comes across a person who tells her that the small, deserted road she is facing is indeed the one that leads to the address she is looking for. He takes pity on the lost girl in formal wear who stands out from her surroundings, like a red stain on white linen. He tells her he’ll show her the building she is searching for!

She is half-convinced that he is a serial rapist, who is going to lead her to some dark, shady place where he will pounce on her. She is prepared to scream and hit him on his crotch if the need arises, but for now she allows herself to be led by this man to her future work-place. Along the way, he manages to make small talk and tells her that, he works in the navy and is in fact, currently posted at her home-town. She thanks her earlier wisdom in not rejecting his offer to guide her, and chastises herself for her earlier imaginings. After a few parting words of gratitude, she walks boldly towards her future.

She finds a building full of warm, friendly people and as she leaves around lunch time, she is looking forward to coming back here for work.

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