4 Years A Slave!

I would have gone for the number 12, but I hear that’s already been taken up by an Academy Award winning movie, and I have only just finished 4 years in a Law School. So, I shall stick to the number 4.

Four Years. Sometimes, I say that aloud to fully comprehend the fact that I have, in fact, survived 4 years in a law school. And still, I end up being surprised. Every single time. Time does fly. These 5 years (including the one year in the future) would be the longest I have stayed by myself in any place.

If I were to look at my life in NUALS thus far, I see that, on the peripheral level I am still pretty much the same person. However, the fact remains that, the only constant in this world is change itself. Mostly though, I am grateful to NUALS for presenting me with a glimpse of the ‘real world’ and proving that my lack of optimism is not always a really bad thing.

However, as far as the writer in me was concerned, the last four years saw my writings on the political issues that plagued the world around us gradually recede, and I seemed to have confined myself to talking about love, life and other things that did not quite fit in with my plans for this blog. In due course, I seemed to have gotten almost addicted to this form of escapism, but I hope to rectify that from here on forward.

The past semester was spent doing the bare minimum, while I remained submerged in exploring previously unimagined possibilities. As usual, NUALS proved to be the ultimate joke-factory by giving us five elective modules and asking us to choose five. Nevertheless, if there is one thing about this semester that is worth the mention on my post, it would be the module on Maritime Law, taught by Syam sir. Although I might not be considering a future in Maritime Law, I could not help but listen to him attentively. What really kept me enthralled was his passion for the subject he taught. He is one of the few people I have come across who truly enjoys what he does for a living. I admired that about him, and hoped that I would one day have a job that I would be equally passionate about.

As far as the ‘future’ goes, I have no clear idea on what to do next. And, honestly, it does not leave me with sleepless nights. I am just going to concentrate on making the best of my last year in every which way!

Medical Jurisprudence at Amrita

Medical Jurisprudence at Amrita

4 Responses to “4 Years A Slave!”
  1. Well, as a struggling CA student I must say that you have got at least some number of years to be specific, in my case, that number is still unknown.. 😛 It’s like a life sentence.. 😀
    And I know that someone else out there is having some other kind of life sentence..
    So smile, because what you have got is beautiful.. 😉

    Great post.. keep writing.. 🙂

    • annajohn says:

      Thanks. I appreciate your comment. And I dearly hope that I figure out a few things in life, and soon. Till then. I’ll just write! 🙂

  2. sherinsk says:

    I have watched 12 years a slave.It is a beautiful movie.
    But college days are the best days in life right?Enjoy it otherwise like me you will regret one day.
    Anyway all the best for your future god bless and i stopped by here thinking like me you are from kerala 🙂

    • annajohn says:

      While in a different setting, I might have come to appreciate college days, my experiences in college are far from memorable. While I do not look at it with jaded eyes, neither do I regret it. I am just apathetic about it all!

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