Operation Protective Edge

It is a little heartening to note that the recent Israeli-Palestinian Conflict had taken over a fair share of the media attention. However, it was still shocking to come across articles like the one on Washington Times that justified the excessive use of force by Israel in Operation Protective Edge’ in the name of ‘fighting … Continue reading

The 29th State!

That’s settled then. We will no longer have Andhra Pradesh, but Telangana and Seemandhra! Before I go on any further, let me warn you that this is not a political piece about the rightness or wrongness of the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh[1], but a truly emotional piece by a twenty-something female who grew up in … Continue reading

What the Congress Should Have Promised Its Voters!

The 2014 Elections are now a thing of the past. Still, when I look back at the last year or so, I can’t help but think of the news headlines that ran every day; about another one of the attacks that the Congress or the BJP had hurled at each other. Am I getting too … Continue reading

100 Bestseller Titles – Part 1

This is the 50th post on this blog (I know! I am being reminded of time’s capability to fly in more than one way lately!) and I really want to give you – my faithful readers – a REALLY good read (if not the laugh that I really intend!). In recent times, we have witnessed … Continue reading

A Grateful Daughter

You know you are loved, when your father sends you a message on your birthday saying he has enjoyed the past twenty-two years of the journey through life – with all its ups and downs – and that he looks forward to our journey forward! That is when you realize that, all that you have … Continue reading

I am not ‘that girl’!

You look at me and you know I am not someone to be slighted. I am not that person who will put up with pain and torture in silence. I am not going to be the one falling for your lame excuses. And, I am definitely not the one who will let you walk all … Continue reading

A long Awaited Reunion!

Last summer, I had hopes and dreams of meeting an old friend and somehow things didn’t fall together. At that point I made up a fictional Reunion that would help me get through till we finally managed to meet again!   Now, my friendship with Kushi has been the butt of many lesbian jokes (recently, … Continue reading

The Missing Hot & Spicy Sauce!

The other day I was at the KFC store in the neighbourhood and after I got my order, I enquired if I could have one of their Hot & Spicy Sauce and the sales boy looks at me like I have entered into this KFC outlet from the Neolithic Age, and informs me in a … Continue reading

My Far-Away Future Diwali

About three years ago, a friend and I walked into the newly opened, glittering ‘ion’ Mall on orchard Road. We were dejected to find that not only could we NOT afford the price-tags of the items on sale in that mall, the assistants at these shops somehow seemed to know better than to entertain customers … Continue reading

On the First Day of Her Future

So, here’s your typical girl starting at her new office today. She wakes up at 7 and thinks she’s doing a mighty fine job when she gets out at 8.03 am and walks to the songs by enya, click 5 and Outlandish. She gets to her ‘workplace’ by 8.40 and waits in the lobby for … Continue reading

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