Operation Protective Edge

It is a little heartening to note that the recent Israeli-Palestinian Conflict had taken over a fair share of the media attention. However, it was still shocking to come across articles like the one on Washington Times that justified the excessive use of force by Israel in Operation Protective Edge’ in the name of ‘fighting … Continue reading

10 Steps to Enjoying a Lazy Weekend

So, it’s a Friday evening and, you have absolutely nothing planned out for the weekend! The Saturday and Sunday that follow witness dark, thundering clouds looming in the sky for the most part of the day. You have your place to yourself. And your To-Do List seems pretty empty at the moment (Oh, there is … Continue reading

If My Life Is For Rent (Filler Piece)

I am writing this in to inform my readers (I hope I am not talking to myself, here) that, I have resolved to get out of this state of Writer’s Block that I have been stuck in for the better part of the last two months. For those of you who were enjoying the silence, … Continue reading

4 Years A Slave!

I would have gone for the number 12, but I hear that’s already been taken up by an Academy Award winning movie, and I have only just finished 4 years in a Law School. So, I shall stick to the number 4. Four Years. Sometimes, I say that aloud to fully comprehend the fact that … Continue reading

The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)!

So, if I have a reply to the person who claims that All Men Are Not Assholes, it is this; maybe all men are not assholes, and if what you say is indeed true, then I am glad that you decided to inform us that non-assholes do inhabit this planet. However, by and large, I … Continue reading

An Education in Law…

There are some things in Life that you never truly stop dreaming about. In my case, it has been about my dream college… Sometime between my secondary school education and my junior college, I decided that I wanted to go to the London School of Economics and Political Sciences one day. For many reasons, or … Continue reading

100 Bestseller Titles – Part 1

This is the 50th post on this blog (I know! I am being reminded of time’s capability to fly in more than one way lately!) and I really want to give you – my faithful readers – a REALLY good read (if not the laugh that I really intend!). In recent times, we have witnessed … Continue reading

In Sickness and in Health

When I first considered writing about my Platinum Day of Love, I was sure this would be something akin to the time I participated in a Love Letter Writing Competition; me audaciously venturing into a field that I have absolutely no idea about! I mean, what do I know about love that has not already been … Continue reading

And… The Countdown Begins!

When I joined Law School, I never thought I would see myself getting out of this place alive. Five years seemed like a long marathon that would see me burn out before I saw the finish line. But here I am, seven semesters down and three more to go, before I venture out into the … Continue reading

A Grateful Daughter

You know you are loved, when your father sends you a message on your birthday saying he has enjoyed the past twenty-two years of the journey through life – with all its ups and downs – and that he looks forward to our journey forward! That is when you realize that, all that you have … Continue reading

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