If My Life Is For Rent (Filler Piece)

I am writing this in to inform my readers (I hope I am not talking to myself, here) that, I have resolved to get out of this state of Writer’s Block that I have been stuck in for the better part of the last two months. For those of you who were enjoying the silence, … Continue reading


Apathetic Three years of law school and the only emotion that you manage to glean out of your system is one of apathy. This year passed by quicker than you realised. Maybe this is the trick then, to immerse yourself in so much activity that you do not have time to deal with things that … Continue reading

2 Down, 3 More to Go!

Disclaimer: The following blog post is largely affected by the author’s present state of mind. And a rather unsatisfactory Law of Specific Contracts Semester-end exam does not by any means help any futile attempt at objectivity that she might or might not have made. Nevertheless, the author hopes anyone and everyone who happens to come … Continue reading

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