That awesome feeling when you name the place where you work (even if, it is only as an intern!) and people look at you with new-found respect! You know that you might not totally deserve that. You also know that it is not actually you, but the organisation you work for, that demands this respect within all these people. And that only makes this feeling within you to swell a little more and threaten to put a beaming smile on your face!

The feeling of appreciation that creeps in, when someone more credible edits a piece of work of the author who generally hates her work being mutilated at the hands of others. That acceptance that comes without second thought, when your work is vetoed at first. So that, when they actually do print out a piece in your exact words it would mean a lot more to you as a writer!

That incredible feeling that seeps into you, when you look around your workplace and see that everyone there looks upon their work with an indescribable devotion. They seem to take what they are doing with utmost seriousness. And all this only goes on to make you attach even more sanctity to the work you have been assigned.

Yes! That is exactly the kind of feeling that will have you excited about waking up to go to work for the rest of your life!

The Hindu Head Office

The Hindu Head Office

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