100 Bestseller Titles – Part 1

This is the 50th post on this blog (I know! I am being reminded of time’s capability to fly in more than one way lately!) and I really want to give you – my faithful readers – a REALLY good read (if not the laugh that I really intend!). In recent times, we have witnessed … Continue reading

The Reunion

(Author’s Note: This piece is dedicated to the one friend in my life who makes the word ‘friendship’ look like it is a highly deficient and malnourished form of what we share! And since our circumstances seem to constantly rebel with our attempts to meet each other, I shall concoct a fictional reunion to get … Continue reading

Good Things Come In Pairs!

“Good things come in pairs.” The first time I heard those phrases I was being offered two mandarin oranges during the festivities of Chinese New Year! At that time, I was way too happy to have two of my favourite fruits, to think more about this Chinese Saying. Honestly, no other orange makes me go … Continue reading

Is It ‘Them’ OR Is It Actually ‘Us’?

26/11 was pretty much surreal to me. I remember finding out about it while chatting with a friend on Facebook. One of the first memories that still hits me from that day is a Straits Times article about a Policeman with 3 kids dying of 3 bullet wounds and wondering about this cruel irony that … Continue reading

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