Is This What PMS Is All About?

It starts when you see that the caller-ID on your phone shows a picture of your little brother and the only emotion it elicits is irritation. Then there was the lady beside you, lamenting – no, weeping – about having a boyfriend who has left her more dependent and in need of care than she was before, but refuses … Continue reading

The Missing Hot & Spicy Sauce!

The other day I was at the KFC store in the neighbourhood and after I got my order, I enquired if I could have one of their Hot & Spicy Sauce and the sales boy looks at me like I have entered into this KFC outlet from the Neolithic Age, and informs me in a … Continue reading

My Far-Away Future Diwali

About three years ago, a friend and I walked into the newly opened, glittering ‘ion’ Mall on orchard Road. We were dejected to find that not only could we NOT afford the price-tags of the items on sale in that mall, the assistants at these shops somehow seemed to know better than to entertain customers … Continue reading

My Experiments With My Hair!

I have often had people tell me that, if you treat your hair well and it could be your greatest asset. However, for the most part of my life, I have never given heed to it. As far as I was concerned, hair was nothing but a mass of dead cells that kept increasing in … Continue reading

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