A Letter to Dr. Kalam

I remember being 13 and believing that I had discovered the root of all the problems that Indians faced. I was positive that our nation’s greatest plague was the Corruption that surrounded us; not just the ones that we read about politicians, but also the ones that we see in the mundane activities around us … Continue reading

The Aam Aadmi Rhetoric

Earlier this month, the Cabinet brought out the Budget for the first year in the 11th 5 year plan. All in all I thought the Railway Budget of 2012 and the Fiscal Budget of 2012 were an improvement to the Budgets of the previous years and tried to address the real problems that affect the … Continue reading

The Masses Are Always Dumb.

And always will be! I speak here, of people like you and me, who form the majority of most polls, votes, surveys, etc. The other day I was watching Rambo 3, and somewhere along the way this Afghan man says aloud, “God must love crazy people. He made so many of them!” Maybe not all … Continue reading

Is It ‘Them’ OR Is It Actually ‘Us’?

26/11 was pretty much surreal to me. I remember finding out about it while chatting with a friend on Facebook. One of the first memories that still hits me from that day is a Straits Times article about a Policeman with 3 kids dying of 3 bullet wounds and wondering about this cruel irony that … Continue reading

We lost a ‘personification of evil’

After waiting almost a week for the reports on Osama’s death by newspaper agencies and news networks to recede, I contemplated the idea of putting down my thoughts on the ‘success of US’ war on terror’. Sadly though, this morning I sat down with yesterday’s newspaper over breakfast (that’s right, Bilaspur is so deep inside … Continue reading

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