If My Life Is For Rent (Filler Piece)

I am writing this in to inform my readers (I hope I am not talking to myself, here) that, I have resolved to get out of this state of Writer’s Block that I have been stuck in for the better part of the last two months. For those of you who were enjoying the silence, … Continue reading

4 Years A Slave!

I would have gone for the number 12, but I hear that’s already been taken up by an Academy Award winning movie, and I have only just finished 4 years in a Law School. So, I shall stick to the number 4. Four Years. Sometimes, I say that aloud to fully comprehend the fact that … Continue reading

An Education in Law…

There are some things in Life that you never truly stop dreaming about. In my case, it has been about my dream college… Sometime between my secondary school education and my junior college, I decided that I wanted to go to the London School of Economics and Political Sciences one day. For many reasons, or … Continue reading

And… The Countdown Begins!

When I joined Law School, I never thought I would see myself getting out of this place alive. Five years seemed like a long marathon that would see me burn out before I saw the finish line. But here I am, seven semesters down and three more to go, before I venture out into the … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Aditya Roy Kapur

This is an informal letter that I hope would reach the addressee’s eyes. But more importantly, I hope he enjoys reading it, as much as I enjoyed framing it in my head! Sadly, due to my self-imposed teetotalism, I cannot claim the defence of being in an inebriated state of mind. This piece comes out … Continue reading


Apathetic Three years of law school and the only emotion that you manage to glean out of your system is one of apathy. This year passed by quicker than you realised. Maybe this is the trick then, to immerse yourself in so much activity that you do not have time to deal with things that … Continue reading

Student of the Year is not just a Trophy!

Yesterday, as I walked into the Cinema to watch Student of The Year, some part of me was imploring me to walk away. You see, I had a weird feeling that this movie was the Bollywood version of the High School Musical series (which I hated so much that I have bailed on my friends … Continue reading

The Reunion

(Author’s Note: This piece is dedicated to the one friend in my life who makes the word ‘friendship’ look like it is a highly deficient and malnourished form of what we share! And since our circumstances seem to constantly rebel with our attempts to meet each other, I shall concoct a fictional reunion to get … Continue reading

2 Down, 3 More to Go!

Disclaimer: The following blog post is largely affected by the author’s present state of mind. And a rather unsatisfactory Law of Specific Contracts Semester-end exam does not by any means help any futile attempt at objectivity that she might or might not have made. Nevertheless, the author hopes anyone and everyone who happens to come … Continue reading

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