The 29th State!

That’s settled then. We will no longer have Andhra Pradesh, but Telangana and Seemandhra! Before I go on any further, let me warn you that this is not a political piece about the rightness or wrongness of the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh[1], but a truly emotional piece by a twenty-something female who grew up in … Continue reading

The Romance in Letter Writing!

When I was reading through this article on Youth ki Awaaz, I couldn’t help but feel a little insulted. Here I was, having just finished another long letter to a friend of mine, and people seem to be romanticizing the idea more than looking at the romance in it!   Liang Le and I decided … Continue reading


Apathetic Three years of law school and the only emotion that you manage to glean out of your system is one of apathy. This year passed by quicker than you realised. Maybe this is the trick then, to immerse yourself in so much activity that you do not have time to deal with things that … Continue reading

‘An Obsessive-kind-of-Love!’ My entry for the Get Published Contest.

The Story One evening, as two friends discuss their respective first loves, the narrator realizes that her friend might have had a past that she is not all that comfortable sharing about, and she is still not completely over that someone. The story pans around the period of the late 2000s  and is set in locations around … Continue reading

A long Awaited Reunion!

Last summer, I had hopes and dreams of meeting an old friend and somehow things didn’t fall together. At that point I made up a fictional Reunion that would help me get through till we finally managed to meet again!   Now, my friendship with Kushi has been the butt of many lesbian jokes (recently, … Continue reading

Is This What PMS Is All About?

It starts when you see that the caller-ID on your phone shows a picture of your little brother and the only emotion it elicits is irritation. Then there was the lady beside you, lamenting – no, weeping – about having a boyfriend who has left her more dependent and in need of care than she was before, but refuses … Continue reading

Student of the Year is not just a Trophy!

Yesterday, as I walked into the Cinema to watch Student of The Year, some part of me was imploring me to walk away. You see, I had a weird feeling that this movie was the Bollywood version of the High School Musical series (which I hated so much that I have bailed on my friends … Continue reading

Tête-à-tête At A Wedding

I had been looking forward to this wedding with varying degrees of uneasiness and excitement, for almost 6 months now. I was a little upset over the fact that she was still too young to get married. This could largely be due to the fact that, accepting that someone who had dressed up barbies and … Continue reading

A Thank You Note

This entry is unlike my usual pieces. I have no intentions to keep a check on my word count or choice of words for this one. I plan to write the words as they come out, because I have heard numerous times that the first thought that comes into mind when you think of something … Continue reading

Beauty, An Elusive Concept

On various occasions I have felt the need to pen down something about my concept of beauty, or at the very least appreciate some other woman’s idea of good looks. In retrospect these instances were preceded by someone hinting at how I am not exactly what you call stunning. Each time I was at the … Continue reading

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