What the Congress Should Have Promised Its Voters!

The 2014 Elections are now a thing of the past. Still, when I look back at the last year or so, I can’t help but think of the news headlines that ran every day; about another one of the attacks that the Congress or the BJP had hurled at each other. Am I getting too old to put up with this puerility or had this actually gone a tad too far this time?

In this piece, I would like to chastise the Congress. Why just the Congress? Since, they were the ones who were still in power – and had been for a good 10 years. They were the ones that we trusted to run the country for the last decade, but ended up churning out one scam after another. And most importantly, ideology-wise, I would have preferred to side with them.

One of my greatest qualms about Congress’ campaign stemmed from the fact that they did not seem to feel obligated to apologise to the people of this nation for the countless scams. The 2G Scam, the Coalgate scam, the Commonwealth debacle… It was almost as if, the Congress had come into power to loot the nation. And, somehow, when the next election was around the corner, they thought that all they needed to do was point to the Godhra Riots. What happened at the Godhra Riots was despicable. However, that was not enough reason for me to entrust the responsibility of running the nation to a party that was busy poisoning the well instead of owning up to their own mistakes and making promises to make amends.

Even if I were to overlook the scams, the Congress’ ‘accomplishments’ in the last two terms meant very little to me without the quotes. There was the Right to Education Act, and the Food Security Act. They might sound like landmarks of the UPAs tenure, but a closer inspection makes the lacunae more apparent. Further, passing the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act by voice votes amidst the blackout of the Lok Sabha TV, left a lot of unanswered questions. The only inference I could draw was that, the Congress was in a hurry to pass these legislations to appease the ‘aam aadmi’ and cash in on a few votes. However, how long will the majority of Indians be happy with such votebank politics? And, on that point I echo the thoughts of the Lok Satta Party’s founder Jayaprakash Narayan that, “Politics is not all about votes”. He also states that, “Certainly power is desirable as a means to a larger end provided there is a larger end at all. If the means adopted to get power are detrimental to the larger end, then what is this power about?” Perhaps it is time Congress rethought its idea of a ‘larger end’.


And, the Congress Prime Ministerial Candidate would have perhaps done better, had he worked to reduce his public faux pas. By the end of the 2014 Elections, the public had had more than its fair share of laughter, thanks to his statements about ‘communal forces killing his grandmother and father’ and an interview with Arnab Goswami, where he randomly dropped phrases like “Women Empowerment” and “Increasing youth involvement in politics”. What the Congress needs to understand is that, the nation does not need a comedian (Although, some voters in Italy thought that was exactly the solution to their economic situation). We were in dire need of a leader who was vocal, who could make concrete workable promises that we could expect him to realise once he was elected into the Parliament.

I would like to advice the Congress party against continuing with the smear tactics it has employed thus far. During the concluding days of the polls, the Congress seemed to have pooled in the entire family’s efforts in responding to BJP’s remarks and attacking Modi. Priyanka went on from supporting her mother and brother, to declaring her father’s identity (Yes, Rajiv Gandhi. I mean, who would have thought?), and then accusing Modi of lowering the standard of debate (All I am saying is, it takes two to clap!).

If recent history is anything to go by, people around the world are willing to look past the allegations against their political leaders and vote them to power. This was seen in last year’s elections in Kenya where Uhuru Kenyatta was voted into power by the people and the judiciary upheld the choice of the people. This was proved again by the voters of the world’s largest democracy when they elected Narendra Modi despite the allegations against him with regarding the 2002 Riots.

 On a concluding note, what the Congress should have done this elects was not to inconvenience itself by educating Indians on who they should NOT vote into power, but told us why they deserved our votes. The Congress should have shown us that they were ashamed of the scams that ruled the news headlines for the better part of their 2nd term. They should have demonstrated what they would do differently, had they won a 3rd term. And above all, they should have proven to us that their party was above all the petty politics that every other party in India resorts to. Maybe then, the Congress would have had a chance at not losing too badly!

Advice To Congress

One Response to “What the Congress Should Have Promised Its Voters!”
  1. appa says:

    Good one, forward it to Congress chief.

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