The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)!

So, if I have a reply to the person who claims that All Men Are Not Assholes, it is this; maybe all men are not assholes, and if what you say is indeed true, then I am glad that you decided to inform us that non-assholes do inhabit this planet. However, by and large, I continue to live in constant hope; the hope that, one day I’ll run into this endangered species that has so far been as elusive as the proverbial White Tiger!

Let me introduce myself to you. My idea of romance is a Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight movie, but I cannot survive a Bollywood movie like DDLJ or Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam without spurting wisecrack remarks to amuse myself through the ordeal. I confess to having felt an inexplicable joy as I finished reading ‘A Walk To Remember’, but I could not bring myself to put up with more than 70 odd pages of ‘I Too Had A Love Story’. My music player has Shania Twain crooning ‘The Woman in Me’ (yes, I used a sappy, sentimental song from the 90s as the title to this post!) at one point and the next moment it would be booming with Meredith Brook declaring, ‘I’m A Bitch’. Occasionally, I listen to silly, catchy songs like ‘Ishq wala Love’ and ‘I hate you, like I love you’ on repeat, but then there are times I am immersed in the lyrics of ‘Madno’ (and for the Malayalis reading this, you’ll agree with me when I say the lyrics of ‘Ambalapuzha’ and ‘Pinneyum Pinneyum’ made you want to fall in love)!

But if you really want to know me, you should probably know that when I go online to download an assignment, I get lost in random pages on just about anything and everything. As a kid, the library was where I headed to for recreation. If my twitter-feed is anything to go by, I am a news-junkie with a special interest in the Middle-East. My preference in literature also tilts towards that region. I love poetic writing. I discovered Paulo Coelho when I was 12, so forgive me if I talk too passionately about ‘following my dreams’ or ‘the universe conspiring’. There are few people or things that I really care about, but for those, I would give up my life. In my spare time, I contemplate ideas on existential nihilism, world peace, and sometimes play the role of an agony aunt for my friends. And somewhere between all this, I live hoping to meet a Man who more or less has the qualities I like in Atticus Finch – someone who is honest, smart, lives by the dictates of his conscience (as opposed to, what the society expects him to!) and is passionate (about a job, cause or maybe even Call of Duty!).

But here’s the deal, I would not treat a man any different than I would a woman, but I don’t suffer fool’s gladly! And as for the criteria-list, I believe that what I stated above is nothing but reasonable. I fervently hope that I never settle for a Man BECAUSE I need him to provide for me. My idea of romance has evolved through the ages and it is not a ‘happily-ever-after’ but more of a ‘I-am-with-you-because-I-WANT-to!’ (a choice you make every single day). I hope to find a love that does not hold me back from all that I want to do with my life. More than the romantic poems and flowers (which I prefer to leave on the plants), I would appreciate a book with a personalised message or a trip to a place that has a quiet, understated charm to it. And, while I have nothing against guys crying, it has been a couple of years since I last cried in front of another person (or even cried for that matter!).

So, the next time you complain about the fact that you were rejected for being a ‘nice guy’, spare a thought for the confident, intelligent, opinionated and sarcastic Woman, who can relate more easily to the Christina Yang(s) and Pheobe(s) of the world, who tends to think more with her head than her heart, whom men generally love to hate! Because, the Woman in me, needs the Man (Read – ‘Nice Guy’) in you!

6 Responses to “The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)!”
  1. Nirali says:

    Love it! Mostly with you on this one. Especially books as opposed to flowers haha.. Any day of the year. 🙂

    • annajohn says:

      Thank you, Nirali… And yes, I would like a book, even if I only get down to reading it an year or two from now! But when I read it, I will appreciate the thought that went into picking that book and that would be worth a thousand flower bouquets! 😀

  2. pkdeka says:

    nice to read your view point .. but just a suggestion .. avoid using bad words .. apart from the word ‘a##….” everything else is readable.
    I am just a reader and not interested to change or prove anything to you. But, since you also are a vociferous reader, you will appreciate the fact that better words can be used to what you are trying to say. You need not moderate my comment as it is just a suggestion for you.

    • annajohn says:

      Haha… No, I am not going to edit it. You are entitled to your opinion, however misguided it maybe. And, in this case I believe that is the case. I was quoting someone else when I said ‘All Men are not Assholes’. And I don’t see anything wrong with it, and stand by it. Besides, if you were to look at my blog as a whole, I am not a writer who uses those words lightly and unless I am convinced the occasion calls for it.

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