An Education in Law…

There are some things in Life that you never truly stop dreaming about. In my case, it has been about my dream college… Sometime between my secondary school education and my junior college, I decided that I wanted to go to the London School of Economics and Political Sciences one day.

For many reasons, or the lack of it, I never really found the courage and will to pursue that dream while I was living out the last year of my junior college. And therefore, I am now in an obscure Law School, somewhere in the middle of God’s own Country! Nevertheless, the dream still lives on.

In some deep, dark corner of my being, I hope to one day apply for an LLM there! I am yet to figure out the when and the how, but maybe, one day…

(This post was written as an entry to the indiBlogger competition. Please refer to if you too plan on studying in the UK and are still figuring out the hows as I am!)

LSE - picture courtesy of

LSE – picture courtesy of

4 Responses to “An Education in Law…”
  1. raginipuri says:

    Go for it! As the wise men say, nothing is impossible! Start planning right away – the hows and the whens! The whys you seem to have figured out. already. Best wishes. 🙂

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