The Romance in Letter Writing!

When I was reading through this article on Youth ki Awaaz, I couldn’t help but feel a little insulted. Here I was, having just finished another long letter to a friend of mine, and people seem to be romanticizing the idea more than looking at the romance in it!


Liang Le and I decided to write letters to each other somewhere at the end of 2009. We decided to do that in the time of social media and e-mail, not because we were technologically challenged, but because she and I like to have a little proof of that other person’s existence. We want to hold on to the parchment of paper and be assured of the fact that, somewhere across the ocean, there is a person who loves me enough to still write letters to me, to send me little titbits within these mails to show me that the person cares for me and really wants to brighten up my day.


Oh, the excitement and anticipation that fills my being as I patiently wait for that one coveted piece of paper with my name on it! If only the English language had more precise words to articulate the emotions that reverberate within me when I finally hold that letter in my hand; disbelieving, yet full of hope.


What I find hard to believe is that people today are content with having no personal relationship with the postmen. I am appalled at my generation for not pining away (like me) for something other than a bill or an advertisement when the postman rings your bell. I do not understand a childhood where people do not wait up for the postman to see if he has delivered something from someone you know. (I had earlier devoted an entire post on my relationship with postmen. Read it here!).


But one thing I would agree with the author is that, a letter carries with it, a certain degree of genuineness in a way that an email could never hope to imitate! However, I like to believe that my friend and I are not the last customers of the postal services; the last of a dying breed who rely on their service to send each other a tangible, authentic proof of our existence…

2 Responses to “The Romance in Letter Writing!”
  1. hey, Anna it was really nice to hear your story:) I completely respect your sentiments, thanx for sharing it:)

    • annajohn says:

      Hi Sayendri,

      I am glad you liked my story. I am gearing up to write a whole bunch of letters before Christmas. I just hope there are more people out there doing the same! 🙂

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