And… The Countdown Begins!

When I joined Law School, I never thought I would see myself getting out of this place alive. Five years seemed like a long marathon that would see me burn out before I saw the finish line. But here I am, seven semesters down and three more to go, before I venture out into the light at the end of this tunnel.

I would like to blame a book for my general attitude towards life, the universe and everything during the course of the past five months ~ Norwegian Wood. It forced me to look at a few things I had obstinately refused to acknowledge in my life and further pushed me to come to terms with them. Despite the fact that I am a little more at peace with myself, I have returned to that general feeling of apathy towards the world in general.

On the other hand, there is the whole Universe that seems to be working overtime to make me feel guilty about the fact that I am 22 and have never been in a relationship before. There was a time when I used to state my relationship status rather nonchalantly, but lately I have begun to sound apologetic about it. Forget the fact that Facebook has become depressing enough for me to deactivate my account again, I am asked these questions about love and relationships from the most unexpected of people; a lecturer at a viva, a shopkeeper at a trinket shop ~ they all seem to be getting paid to ask me that!

Through it all, the only silver lining (if there is any!) is the fact that I will be out of here in three more semesters. Hence, the countdown!

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