A Grateful Daughter

You know you are loved, when your father sends you a message on your birthday saying he has enjoyed the past twenty-two years of the journey through life – with all its ups and downs – and that he looks forward to our journey forward! That is when you realize that, all that you have done and all that you have become is mostly attributable to this one figure in your life.

There are two things I am largely grateful to this man for. One, he ALWAYS treated me as an individual first. Not as his daughter, a child or an inferior. He has treated me as an equal for as long as I can remember! I suspect there were instances when he heeded my words more than those of his wife. All I am saying is, you bring up a girl like that, she will inevitably end up having a distinct sense of self-worth!

Next, he gave me the freedom of choice! It starts from the really little things like the books I read, to the more important and personal things like religion, education, etc. I learnt to make my own decisions quite early in life. So maybe, I ended up making a few mistakes along the way, but they were mine and I have learnt to take responsibility for them. Also, I learnt not to wait around for someone to hand something to me on a silver platter; I had already gotten the greatest gift any girl could hope for – my independence.

At the end of the day… If he is grateful to have me in his life, I am so much more grateful that I was born as his daughter!

4 Responses to “A Grateful Daughter”
  1. Harsha says:

    Really a tribute post to your Father..Loved the way you showed your Gratitude towards him.. 🙂

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