An Open Letter to Aditya Roy Kapur

This is an informal letter that I hope would reach the addressee’s eyes. But more importantly, I hope he enjoys reading it, as much as I enjoyed framing it in my head! Sadly, due to my self-imposed teetotalism, I cannot claim the defence of being in an inebriated state of mind. This piece comes out after thorough deliberation and with a conviction to brighten up my otherwise morose and moribund existence at the dullest law school that humanity has ever set foot in (and which promises to make my existence even more depressing in the days to come!). Moral of the Story ~ Escapism need not always be resorted in Bollywood movies alone. Sometimes, you find it in fantastical dreams that you spin for yourself! Oh ya, so now you all know my latest crush!

Dear Aditya Roy Kapur,

I hear there are many people who like you. Oh, well, I just happen to be one of the ‘many’! I recently subjected myself to two whole Bollywood movies in order to get a good look at you. On the whole, you will do! I generally make it a point to hate anything that the masses appreciate, not because the object receiving appreciation is bad, but because I deplore the idea of thinking what everyone else is thinking! However, in your case, I simply do not mind!

What I do mind however, is the fact that the only movies, in which you have acted recently, have you portraying the role of a drunkard. Not that I frown upon occasional indulgence in alcohol, but I judge alcoholics, and I judge them indiscriminately! And I just do not feel like judging you, but you are doing such a convincing role at it that I might just start judging you soon enough. So, be a sweetheart, and abstain from playing the alcoholic if not the alcohol itself!

I hope you find much more interesting roles, in much more interesting movies so that, I will not feel any compunctions of conscience to watch it at the PVR in the newly opened ‘Lulu Mall’ in my city. I am not just trying to feel better about watching a Bollywood movie here, mind you! I genuinely care about your Bollywood career and hope to see you do movies of substance that the Indian masses would still flock to the theatres to watch (and gain some IQ points in the process too!).

So, if my projections for the future work out as planned, I will be a handsomely paid, corporate lawyer in a swanky law firm by the time you have reached this mega-stardom that I wish for you! Then, we will have our chance meeting in the most unlikely of circumstances. You know… Something akin to the ones they have in Bollywood movies, but keep in mind that, I might laugh at you if you tell me you believe in love at first sight. I might take you more seriously if you could talk to me about Books and Politics instead. Not that I like pretentious fools, but I like people who care, and you do not have to be a card-carrying communist to do that!

Oh, but don’t you dare read through all this, and think you can ask me to get a life; I already know that! And I am not looking for the Strait Times supplement here, but the kind of ‘life’ where I am consumed by an idea or a goal or maybe even a task at hand; the kind I had until I finished my internship at The Hindu! So, if nothing else, I hope you have a good life and that I get that life that I so badly yearn for!

Regards (Cos, right now, I don’t feel faithful/sincere/loving!)

Anju Anna John!

Cos, I need some drama in my life!

Cos, I need some drama in my life!

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