I am not ‘that girl’!

You look at me and you know I am not someone to be slighted. I am not that person who will put up with pain and torture in silence. I am not going to be the one falling for your lame excuses. And, I am definitely not the one who will let you walk all over me!

I know what you are thinking; ‘barking dogs, seldom bite’? Well, you will have to test it to prove that theory, right? In the mean time, here’s an advice, ‘better safe, than sorry’!

Maybe my zodiac sign speaks volumes about me, maybe it is just me, but I am not one to let my circumstances determine who I am. I am that person who refuses to go down without a fight. And if I do not look threatening to you, that is probably because I am reigning in my alter ego. And if I come across as a ‘bitch’, that is because I do not want you to – even for a second – get to thinking that, I will bow down to you!

So, I believe that the country that worships Durga and Kali needs to be a little more cautious before it decides how much freedom I can have in this country; which by the way, is as much mine as it is yours. I know my rights and I know your rights, I will take what is mine and I shall not let you determine mine (which as it happens, was not one of your rights to begin with!).

I am patient and resolute and resilient. And I know enough on how to endure pain. However, that does not mean that I am going to patiently endure the pain that I do not need to undergo in the first place! I would not refrain from swearing at you and/or complaining to the authorities!

I am you average (or a little above or below average, depending upon your idea of what average is!) girl. I was born in the 21st century and I behave like one. I spend 9 months of the year in a law school, so you would be wise to assume that I know some law.

So, the next time I am on a No. 17 bus to Broadway, I would advise you against trying to grope me because I am not ‘that girl’ who would let you get away with it!

This one is dedicated to the conductor and all the other people in the bus who were quick to admonish that man (who did not know all this about me), and somehow they made me like Chennai a little more!

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