Three years of law school and the only emotion that you manage to glean out of your system is one of apathy.

This year passed by quicker than you realised. Maybe this is the trick then, to immerse yourself in so much activity that you do not have time to deal with things that upset you and, Voila! before you know it, the year has passed and you are a year older and none the wiser!

And as you go along, some nice opportunities come to be part of the heap of ‘extra-activity’ you have shouldered upon yourself and some of it blossom into something more beautiful than you expected them to be!

But through it all, what remains is that hole in you that refuses to shut down until you acknowledge its presence and agree to deal with. The hole commands your attention, and the more you try to ignore it the more gaping it becomes. Soon, you become apathetic. About life, the universe, everything! Sadness and Happiness only become recognizable from the reactions of your loved ones.

You know you ought to deal with it, but you do not want to. Not yet! So, for now, you find another task, another distraction, to keep yourself busy, till you can move on to the next distraction!

2 Responses to “A-pathetic!”
  1. nirali says:

    Eventually you pause and if you’re lucky and you look it it the eye, fill that gaping hole with the missing piece of the puzzle. Good luck 🙂

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