‘An Obsessive-kind-of-Love!’ My entry for the Get Published Contest.

The Story

One evening, as two friends discuss their respective first loves, the narrator realizes that her friend might have had a past that she is not all that comfortable sharing about, and she is still not completely over that someone.

The story pans around the period of the late 2000s  and is set in locations around the State of West Bengal. What starts as a High-School crush soon matures into mutual attraction and exchange of love-letters filled with ‘I love you'(s) and phone calls. Later, once the girl’s family shifts towns, this love develops into an obsession that requires them to be on the phone every waking minute. There are instances when the girl runs away from home in an attempt to meet the boy and the boy lies about everything from the most banal details to where he was doing college in order to keep his High-school sweetheart from leaving him.

What starts out as a typical High-School love story soon turns into an obsession-filled account of two people who seem to want to keep their relationship long after they know that it has run its course. Moral of the story ~ sometimes, love is all about letting go of the person you were once in love with!

What makes this story ‘Real’

In a generation where people go from one boyfriend to another in the rest of the world, somehow we in India still cling to the mistaken notion that love only happens once and we should do everything under our powers to keep that special-someone in our life forever, including blackmails, lies and defying every other institution that they are a part of. However, this is a very destructive form of love. We need to accept the fact that who we were and whom we liked in High School might not remain as a constant as we go through time and move on from School to College to a Job, and grow and mature in life.

Excerpt (the beginning, actually!)

“… And that is how Anuj and I became a couple!” I say this as I finish telling the story about my less-than-interesting love story.

I know Deepa has had more than one stories in the past. She had often hinted at them as they had broached the topic of love and other things. However, once this vodka-induced conversation has set in course this ‘Share-your-love-story-session’, I find my discretion give way to the curiosity (that had not until this moment let its presence be felt) as I say, “’tis your turn now, Deepa!”.

She seems to be affected by the alcohol too, for she does not hesitate for too long before plunging into her story. “We lived at the two ends of the same street in Kharagpur…”

This is my entry for the HarperCollins-IndiBlogger Get Publishedcontest, which is being run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollinsIndia.

Heart-Shaped Waffles!

3 Responses to “‘An Obsessive-kind-of-Love!’ My entry for the Get Published Contest.”
  1. annajohn says:

    If you liked this post and want to see the whole story, please do like it here ~ http://www.indiblogger.in/getpublished/idea/517/

  2. Deepa says:

    Interesting. I wonder what secrets come out! And true what you say about letting go! Best wishes for the contest!
    The British are back

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