The Last Goodbye!

I always thought it silly,

That you should cry inconsolably,

Each time we parted;

As if, it were the last goodbye!


If only I had known,

That you’d be gone,

Before I started wishing I’d wept,

The last time I bid you farewell.


Now a burden weighs me down,

That plasters on my face a frown,

And for eternity shall I endure this guilt;

We all have our crosses to bear!


Amidst all this torment,

That leaves me feeling discontent,

I’m driven closer to my kith and kin;

I begin to feel each emotion more fiercely.


Is it the terror of losing again?

Or, is it an endeavour to ascertain;

What I choose not to be apathetic about?

In simple terms – Is it good or bad?


As time goes by,

A part of me, with forbearance stands by,

While the rest of me writes out snippets

That form an endless threnody.


There was once a time,

When the stars inspired rhyme,

Now when I look upon them;

I feel cynical about life after death.


Is it called moving on?

When I no longer wake up crying each dawn,

When your memory fades into a blurred image,

When I, your namesake, embrace the name I once despised?


7 Responses to “The Last Goodbye!”
  1. gopanin says:

    goodbye is impossible if you really don’t want the other person to go,so there is nothing called last goodbye in such cases, but a good piece of writing

  2. gopanin says:


    love to see your comments on

  3. umashankar says:

    It put a hole in my heart right away. Yes, I know the slow-grind of repentance.

    • annajohn says:

      It never actually fades, if you are lucky you manage to forget it for a few days before something reminds you of it and sends you down another spiral of guilt.

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