The Missing Hot & Spicy Sauce!

The other day I was at the KFC store in the neighbourhood and after I got my order, I enquired if I could have one of their Hot & Spicy Sauce and the sales boy looks at me like I have entered into this KFC outlet from the Neolithic Age, and informs me in a patronising tone that the Hot & Spicy Sauce has been discontinued. And there it was, another one of my favourite things had become obsolete!

Where are all the Hot & Spicy Sauce?…

I really hate it when that happens. You find this perfect product in the age of multiple choices and just when you were getting comfortable with it and taking it for granted, they take that product off the market. I do not know how other people deal with such a situation, and I can only speak for myself here, but I go into this mild form of depression every time that happens.

There was the Lux De-Stress Spa Body Shower that had Lavender Extracts. Honestly, I have never come across a body shower as de-stressing as that ever since. When my last bottle of that body shower was empty, I went over to the Cold Storage store right across my hostel, only to find that they had discontinued this particular one. I will admit that I later grew fond of the Lux Body Shower with Sea Minerals, but it still felt like I was settling for the second best!

Then there was the Nivea Roll-on that used to use, the one with the Ocean Extracts. I remember picking that one, because the only alternative that I found was Lemon grass and I hated the citric smell. Then the next time I go to the store to pick one I am faced with options like Pearl & Beauty! These things also happened with my favourite Nike perfume, or my preferred shade of Nail Paint, or that Body Lotion or Dove shampoo that I was so in love with!

When it comes to food, things keep disappearing off the counter more often than I like to admit. Or, maybe I am searching in the wrong stores, for every once in a while I do come across that packet of Elaichi flavoured Horlicks biscuit or that Batook chewing gum with the Elaichi flavour. Then sometimes, there are things you will not find in your part of the world, like that Oreos that I had to wait for almost 2 years before it came to India. Also there are things like the small biscuits by McVities’ that I am still waiting for.

Then there are those lovely ads on the TV that you looked forward to, more than the event you were watching. There was the Hutch ad with the little Pug following that boy around, or maybe that ad by ING Vysya singing ‘mere desh mein, paisa sirf paisa nahin hai’. Or, that Levi’s ad about their new range of Curve ID denims.

You think it is just these everyday items you come across? No, I have a list of gadgets that I had coveted but will never own now; one of them being the Nokia E54. As a little kid, I always wanted my dad to get one of those VCRs like the one they had at my Nana and Nani’s place. Now, even DVDs are becoming obsolete. There are also cars that I once drooled over (like the Getz), that have become something akin to the White Tiger today.

All I am saying is, once you have discovered your perfect match, it is only natural that you hope for it to stick around so you could enjoy it for a few good years, or at the very least, for it to give you a few months’ worth of prior warning before it is being taken off the market.

As for the Hot & Spicy Sauce from KFC; you will be missed by your loved ones (aka me), may your soul Rest in Peace!

2 Responses to “The Missing Hot & Spicy Sauce!”
  1. John says:

    That means your choices are unique and very few people like your favorite selections.

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