My Far-Away Future Diwali

About three years ago, a friend and I walked into the newly opened, glittering ‘ion’ Mall on orchard Road. We were dejected to find that not only could we NOT afford the price-tags of the items on sale in that mall, the assistants at these shops somehow seemed to know better than to entertain customers like us! Far from assisting us, they did not even bother asking us what we were looking for. That was one of the rare occasions when I actually wished I were mentally capable of selecting a prospective groom by looking at the zeros on his pay check as a cousin once advised me to. You know, just so, I did not have to look at the price tags in a shop like this (or, any shop for that matter!) and feel like an insignificant nothing on this planet!

So here I am, a little past midnight two days before Diwali, skimming through the Shopper’s Stop website, skimming through the women’s Apparels and Accessories section, pretending that I am married to some rich man, living the life of a wealthy married woman who does not work (essentially, a person that the Chinese refer to as a tai tai)! Because, every woman deserves a few moments of luxury and indulgence, even if it is only a game of pretend!

I have come up with the following choices for my ‘Diwali look’ –

  1. I chose a top from Sepiain a bright orange with a V-neck and some work around the neck. It is a bright and lovely tunic that would look fashionable yet appropriate enough and very me!

    Tunic from Sepia

  2. And I presume that being a tai tai would mean that, I would settle for nothing less than a Levi’s Demi Curve Skinny Denims in the shade of Dark Indigo Wash. I could show off my calves that are beginning to look toned again (thanks to the hours of walking that my present job entails!)

    Levi’s Demi Curve Skinny Denims

  3. A beige sandals from Catwalkthat I fell in love with at first sight.

    Sandals from Catwalk

Moving on to Accessories…

  1. I picked an Aspen Ladies’ Watch with metallic mesh-type strap.

    Aspen Ladies’ Watch

  2. Then there was the Aspen earring with a pendantto go with it.

    Aspen Earring

    Aspen Pendant

  3. Also, as a rich married woman, I would have every right to own a platinum ring from Diti Platinum

    Platinum Ring (Diti)


In case we are looking at details…

Well, since I like to keep this blog at PG rating, I would have to direct you to other links to show you what I would be wearing inside… For those of you who know the joke, I would be wearing something that might have a biblical connection (as I said ~ inside joke). But as for most others, I would stick to my most trusted and comfortable brand (which has been clothing mankind since 1876). 😉

But chances are, I will never live to see such a day in my life, not unless my poor husband (whoever that unlucky soul is; if at all I ave one, someday) and I put together every penny we collectively earn in the pursuit of these ostensible goods (at least in my perspective)!

4 Responses to “My Far-Away Future Diwali”
  1. Raunak says:

    hilarious 😆
    i’m going on a shopping spree now…and I’ll blame your post for driving me to bankruptcy 😉

  2. Ranjith says:

    The earrings look the most attractive of all!

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