Student of the Year is not just a Trophy!

Yesterday, as I walked into the Cinema to watch Student of The Year, some part of me was imploring me to walk away. You see, I had a weird feeling that this movie was the Bollywood version of the High School Musical series (which I hated so much that I have bailed on my friends on more than one occasion when they had made plans to catch that movie in the theatre.)

But as the movie progressed, it struck a familiar chord somewhere within me. It starts with estranged classmates meeting after a period of about 10 years. The movie revolves around a bunch of friends – some friends from the same clique, some best friends, but all on good terms with each other – and proceeds to show how their relationship with each other breaks down at a rate that is inversely proportional to the increase in the competitiveness for achieving that Student of the Year Trophy!

After I got out of the theatre, I realised that, my own life was not much different from the one that I had just watched on the Silver Screen. I have become estranged to my classmates from my childhood whom I could have sworn at some point I could not live without. You never really know when or how exactly it happens, but one day you wake up and these people are in a completely different universe from your’s. There might be that single isolated call you made for their birthday which was the last time either of you spoke; they might have sent in a request on Facebook that you do not think is necessary to accept, since you really do not care whatever happens to them! Somewhere along the line, old friends become just that ~ old!

And once I came into Law School, I had a head-on collision with the concept of competitiveness in its most vulgar and naked form. This was, like often displayed in the movie, a form of competitiveness that left no stone unturned in ensuring that your friend was at a weaker position, never mind how low you were or how low you had to stoop to get that upper hand. Since the memories of the recent Semester end exams are still fresh in my mind, allow me to recount a few instances that you as a prospective law-student definitely needs to beware of!

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that everyone in law school is out there to f*** you over! You will do well to remember that around everyone, especially with your good friends. It might be little things like asking you whether you are only doing X and not Y, convincing you that Y is unimportant but going ahead and doing both X and Y themselves. Then there are others who feel the need to constantly check on exactly how much you are doing, from which edition of a certain book (of which, they almost certainly have the most recent edition available). Then there are the ugliest competitors who hide books in a different section close to exam time, so their harrowed classmates will not be able to find that book. This kind might also just be the ones who study under their blankets with the torchlight. It is also not unusual to let the competition have the better of you that, you barely have time to do your laundry or even take that shower once a day. Oh, you say your boyfriend and you trust each other not to get into such a competition? Did you say you both were in the same law school? … Excuse those ellipses, I accidentally typed them while rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL, just did not do enough justice to what was going on!).

However, don’t get me wrong. I am not that sad, embittered soul without any friends. I do have a handful of friends, but then they really are my friends. Yes, the kind that I would trust with my life. No, they are not from Law School!

So, at the end of the day, I get it. I get what the Student of the Year was all about. However, I liked the love song (Ishq wala Love) in that movie a lot (it has been buzzing in my head all day!)

At the Cinema: Student of the Year

3 Responses to “Student of the Year is not just a Trophy!”
  1. teesta says:

    Guess these will always remain as one if the most prominent memories of my law school…cheers to em anyway! Been full on entertaining.

  2. mayanair says:

    Well, you just spoke my words! But luckily, maybe because I belong to the Yester years….I had & have beautiful memories of my childhood…..the days at school, for which I should thank my parents, for their choice of school; my teachers, who were my second mothers; my beloved friends, my life! Our batch, was special – notorious at times! We were unique in our very own way…… with responses & reactions………and bagged every single prize for the year around! Though our Yahoo group’Baker Ten’ is as inactive as a wet piece of coal, I still can feel the sense of belonging that I cherished back there; the heart break that we all experienced as we let go of each other n stepped in into our own tumultous worlds of action, action & action. But I do believe that that little ‘fiery spirit’ which made us strong to never give away the impish antic of one even at the risk of facing dire consequences at the hands of our disciplinarians’ still keeps us alive n thriving;keeps us bouncing back each time the tide topples us down! Thank you dear friends for being just you…..n thank you to ‘The Student of the year’ for reviving those moments; thank u Anjoos for letting my heart flow out once again…… thank you….:)

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