A Revisit to Neverland!

I have never really understood why Wendy decided to return home rather than stay in Neverland forever. That was, until I relived The Weekend I Didn’t Want To Grow Out Of!

It started out fine, with two visits to the Cochin Airport, picking up some really interesting people from the field of theatre. I am sure I shall treasure the odd hour or two that I got to spend with each one of those people, but the excitement from the last edition of Metro Plus Theatre Fest (MPTF) had definitely vanished.

Collecting names and phone numbers for MPTF’s Database proved to be a tad bit too mundane and monotonous for me on the first day. The memory game did not to prove much better on the following two days when my only work for the entire day was to stand there and help people play a game that was based as much on luck as it was on memory.

However, the real learning point came somewhere at the end of the very first day. Growing up has to do with mastering the ability to filter the things that come out of your mouth. Imagine referring to a person as ‘gay’ and him overhearing you. The situation gets worse when you have to work with him for the next two days. I was not so perturbed about it as I should have been, until I heard from a friend that he commented saying he felt ‘pity’ for people like me. That left me wondering if that is the emotion I wanted him to take back with him. So, the next day, I made that extra effort to offer him help and basically, try my best to erase that ‘pity’ out of his mind. The last time we ever walked past each other, he smiled. I like to think that I succeeded in my mission. To me, he is going to be the guy who helped me figure out the name of the song that was going on in my head for a very long time!

So, the moral of the story reads along these lines ~ You can never really expect to return to Neverland and expect it to dazzle you the same way it did, the very first time you came across it. And sometimes, growing up is all about learning to do the right thing even when you do not see any way in which it would mitigate your present position. Maybe Wendy left Neverland because its charm had faded or maybe, she realised that the right thing for her to do was to go home and grow up into a fine young woman.

2 Responses to “A Revisit to Neverland!”
  1. liangle99 says:

    When i read the neverland part, the thing tt came to my mind was micheal jackson the child molester in his mansion neverland. maybe tt’s why Wendy left…

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