Theme park: Wild West style

This post is brought to you by the wonderfulness that is 20SB and their blog swap. Thank you to Anna for welcoming me onto her blog!

Hi There !
As a guest on this blog, i think it would be fair to start with a (very) brief introduction:

My name is Edwin, I’m a 28 year old guy who works as an IT Administrator in the city of Hilversum(The Netherlands). See, i told you I’d be brief? If you want to know more about me, please check out my blog MyAdultBrain

Ok, let’s get this show on the road. This year’s topic for the blog swap is Childhood Summer Vacation. I want to tell you about the time me and my parents went to a theme park. It’s one of the few vacations that i actually remember, so that’s why i picked this one. Most of the other trips we took were one or two day trips, we never really liked the long vacations. 1 week is about our limit.

So there’s this theme park not far from where we used to live. Remember, this is before every park was focussed on scaring the biggest crap out of you or traumatizing you the most (did I mention I don’t really like roller-coasters? :p )

The theme of the park is cowboys. There were various options for places to stay at within the park. The most fun looked to be staying in a real Tiki. However, the physical condition of my parents prevented that. So my parents decided on a regular bungalow. And, I got my own room! Score!

Next step: explore the park. Now is probably a good time to say that i’ve never been a big fan of rides. I like live shows and performances, i don’t need to eat the same breakfast three times, if you know what i mean. So we were able to skip most of the lines 🙂

Here’s some pictures to give you a bit of an impression:

That big sphere is the merry-go-round. Back then it was the biggest one in the country. Scary as hell, but one of those things that you need to get on once in your life.

The waterside was my favorite thing on the park, besides the live shows. They should have built an escalator though. That shit was exhausting !

The highlight of the days were the shows. There were only a few shows, but the nice thing was that after a few days, you get to know the artist. We’ve spent quite some time talking to artists. Because they weren’t big celebs, they weren’t arrogant or anything.

Recently, the park changed. The shows got cancelled and the park isn’t a real time park anymore, it got transformed into a big amusement park filled with rides that just focus on making you recycle your food. Personally, i think that’s a shame. But, nobody can take away those memories 🙂

Have a nice day everyone !

One Response to “Theme park: Wild West style”
  1. Rida says:

    I’m not a fan of rollercoasters either, I would have much preferred this version of an amusement park! =D

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