Promised Land

Greetings! I am Patrick from the What Magazine and, through the magic of Twenty Something Bloggers, I am guest-posting from my desk to Anna’s to tell you about my favorite summer vacation. This post will make up for all of those years of elementary school in which my teachers never asked me to write the obligatory “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” paper.

Selecting one vacation that outshone the rest is quite difficult. My family always tried to get in a few small trips during our week of vacation, with occasional longer trips every few years. So while no one summer stands out as the best, one location does. Promised Land. Just the name invokes images of perfection, serenity, and living the good life. While that may not be the case for all, it certainly has been for me and my family.

Promised Land State Park is situated in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Several campgrounds are scattered throughout the park, surrounding the picturesque Promised Land Lake. Our campground of choice was always the Pines. (Camping Tip #1: Pine forests usually provide a cozy cushion of pine needles upon which to set up your tent) Tall evergreens provided shade from the hot summer sun and the campground is just a short walk from one of the lake’s swimming areas.

Promised Land Lake

A camping trip in the Pines meant a lot of great things to do. There was hiking through the several trails provided by the park service or blazing your own trail through the lush forests surrounding the lake. We would often bring our canoe along to row about on the lake, or rent a pedal boat if we so desired. Each night, dinner was cooked over a campfire. (Camping Tip #2: Anything you can cook on a stove or in an oven can be cooked on a fire) Daily trips to the little general store down the road for snacks and comic books were always fun, not to mention the required stop at Callie’s Candy Kitchen on the way home!

Some of the best memories I have growing up are from Promised Land. Whether it be catching toads with my sister, inadvertently following a bear through the woods, climbing up a small cliff, roasting hot dogs over a fire, or finally realizing that having us kids “collect kindling” was not only my Dad’s way of not having to do it himself, but a great way to keep us busy while he set up camp; Promised Land will always be my favorite vacation destination.

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