I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing more gratifying than a simple ‘Thank you’ when you are slogging away as a free labor!

The following is a guest post from my best friend who interns at an entertainment-related company. 

The life of an intern doesn’t have to be as depressing as TV shows make it look. Working for free for a few months has its set backs, but it can lead to some wonderful experience and opportunities. I’m currently in a transitional phase in my life and am interning at a company I love. As an intern here are some things I have come to appreciate:

  • Thank-yous – 2 simple words that go a long way.
  • A coffee – As a poor intern, you have no idea how grateful I am when someone buys me a caffeinated drink.
  • Being asked for an opinion – I get excited when I am shown the latest new thing and get asked “what do you think?”. It shows I am trusted enough to give valuable feedback.

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  1. liangle99 says:

    I agree with ur little summary here, even though I’ve never actually worked free labour before. but i did have my experience as a temp staff and the appreciation really does make a difference!:) nice post too by the way.

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