A Thank You Note

This entry is unlike my usual pieces. I have no intentions to keep a check on my word count or choice of words for this one. I plan to write the words as they come out, because I have heard numerous times that the first thought that comes into mind when you think of something is usually what is really in your heart. I write this note to thank a few people in my life who mean a lot to me and also to the development of this blog (where I recently posted my 20th piece).

This thank you note just wouldn’t be right if I started out with anyone but my parents. Thank you, Appa and Amma for all those books you got me in my childhood that helped me cultivate this love for writing. Thank you for driving me to be the best that I can be. Thank you, for commending me for my victories. And thank you, for being there for me when I was at my nadir. Although, most of all, I would like to thank you for stressing on an education and helping me realise the distinction between academics and an education, since I realise now, how easy it is for most parents to get harrowed over every mark that their child loses. Thank you for making me realise that life is filled with tests and not all of them can be answered on an answer sheet, and many a times winning is all about never giving up on yourself!

Next, a little thank you note for my lil brother (who’s not so lil anymore!). He might not realise this, but his mere existence means the world to me. Before he came along, I thought my life was complete, but now I can not imagine a world without him. Thank you, for just, being there.

I would also like to thank my two grandmas who are no longer with us today. Ammachi, you taught me a great many things when you were alive, but the greatest lesson you taught me was to move on after you lost someone in your life. You never really go back to the person you were, and you never stop missing the person, but that is alright; that is life! And Nani, I hope you are in a better place now, where you can walk and talk and it doesn’t hurt anymore. You were the closest grandparent I had till you got too sick to call me every weekend. Some of my earliest memories involve you chasing after me in the kitchen. I’ll always remember you as the granny who used to cook up an elaborate meal every time we came over to your place.

Also, I would like to say a big thank you to my Nana. Thank you for all those discussions about politics we had, for all those letters we wrote each other when I was in another country. You made me believe in love stories. I remember sitting down for the Morning Prayer, one time, when Nani was sick and in the hospital; that was the first time I saw tears in my Nana’s eyes. That day I decided that, if I were seventy and bed-ridden and still had a man beside my bed hoping and praying to God that I get better, I would have lived a decently good life! I am a cynic. I look for an expiry date on most of the relationships I see around me. Still, every once in a while, I see an old couple holding hands as they walk, and I am reminded of what Nana and Nani had. And just like that, I find that there is still hope left in me!

Next, I like to thank a couple of girls who I know will be in my life for the rest of our lives on the planet. Never mind the distance and time that we spend apart, we still find a way to pick up the pieces and carry on like it was only yesterday. Our friendship is a result of young girls finding themselves in a foreign land and finding a guardian-angel in each other. I hope everyone has friends like them, because life is too short to spend all your time trying not get backstabbed by people whom you believed were your friends. Everyone deserves at least one friend who believes it is their duty to find time to console you when your life comes crashing down, because when the shit hits the wall, you need someone to help you clean up the mess. Everyone needs friends whom you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to and not worry about being judged. And I count myself among the luckiest people on the planet, for I have more than one such friend! Then again, there is always the Blah-club!

I realise today, that I have always been a story-teller at heart; I love writing stories. Even in my GP essays, I spent a considerable time narrating the examples that were only meant to substantiate my main arguments, because that is what I love doing and I do not regret it one bit. I believe that every writer takes liberties with language and style, and well, this is mine! So, here’s a thanks to all those English teachers I had, right from Kindergarten, but mainly the ones I had in Secondary School and Junior College, for correcting me when I am wrong, appreciating it when I handed in an insightful piece and always pushing me to better myself.

I would also like to thank Sumit, for being the first person to follow this blog. Thank you for always going through all the things I have made you read over the years. Thank you for all those times you came online when I needed to talk about something or ask your opinion on something. If I had the option to pick an older brother, it would have been you!

Thank you Liang Le, for being my closest Singaporean friend! I love that we can write daily mails to brighten each other’s day and still have things to write by post. Thank you for regularly reading my ramblings, and thanks for the blog post you wrote about me and the one in memory of the day you got the 10th mail from me. Thank you for the time you sent me things from your side of the world, I just hope you liked the ones I sent you too! Thank you for finding it in you to get excited about the insipid details of my life. Thank you for being the one friend I could count on to NOT try and persuade me against it when I have obstinately made up my mind about pursuing one of my incredible ideas. Mainly, thank you for being you! I hope your physiotherapy helps you to recover fully before the next semester begins. I hope you do not have to skip anymore semesters before graduation, so we both graduate together. I hope you do not spend too much time worrying about repaying your loans!

And, I would like to thank Maya-aunty. You made Chickenpox nothing short of 3 memorable weeks of my life. Thank you for constantly checking on me. Thank you for reading all my posts between your busy schedule. I have come to think of you almost as my mother. And if it were not for that little chat we had recently I would not have gotten around to posting another entry for a month or two! I hope your classes go smoothly. I hope the wedding goes smoothly. And I hope this makes your day!

Lastly, I love you all! You make me a better person. You make my days a little brighter, my sorrows a little less painful, my happiness a little more cheerful and my life a little merrier and a little less blah!

This is to all of you!


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