2 Down, 3 More to Go!

Disclaimer: The following blog post is largely affected by the author’s present state of mind. And a rather unsatisfactory Law of Specific Contracts Semester-end exam does not by any means help any futile attempt at objectivity that she might or might not have made. Nevertheless, the author hopes anyone and everyone who happens to come across this post would find something to keep them interested till the end of this piece.

There! On the last day of my second year at Law School, I decided to sit back to analyse and evaluate the two years of my life that I have silently watched slip by me. Since its pretty close to the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), let me start out by warning anyone who has dreamed of going to Law School to learn Law; Law School has not taught me anything so far! Not much, at least!

Law School has been trying my almost non-existent patience since the very beginning. My first day in this disgustingly small pink building which was almost 10 times smaller than any school I have ever studied in, I was told that THIS University did not recognise my GCE ‘A’ Certificate as the grade 12 equivalent in India, and that I had to denigrate myself to the level of studying one year in an education system that was not even half as challenging or rigorous as the one I had been exposed to for the past 4 years. That day I made up my mind, if this University did not admit me, I would turn my back on the formal education system, and I would start off by learning in detail, something that I had picked up – Etymology of words!

Sadly, the Universe had grander schemes planned out for me! I was admitted into the 5 year BA LLB (Hons). I then went on to spend an entire year of almost everything else sans Law. They were wonderful and insipid at the same time. I had not felt such unbearable lightness of being, for the longest time that I could recall. I decided to take things as it came and did the bare minimum to keep up my slightly above average scores in class (which, quite frankly did not require much effort on my part!).

At the end of the first year, I did a little soul-searching and this much needed reflection made me decide that I would try to be a little more sincere in my efforts in College. That was when I realised that it was already too late. No, I am not referring to the bulk of Legal Knowledge that I had not paid much attention to, but the fact that the grading system here in my College was relativity-based. Essentially, in the very first semester, the teachers find this one student they believe fits into the description of an ‘Ideal student’. The marking system then transformed itself into a relative table of how well you do, as opposed to, the ‘Ideal student’. There was a maximum grade the ‘Ideal student’ could get, and no matter how hard you try, you could barely come anywhere close to this score. In fact, one of my tutors had the audacity to actually admit that ‘We have to mark this Semester’s Internals, based on previous Semesters’ efforts of students!’, when I asked him how come I only got an Internal score of x when I had actually put in efforts worthy of much more!

While I detest the thought of criticising the lecturers on my blog, I cannot help but point out that, thus far, I have only two modules (both taught by the same lecturer!) in my whole two years that have actually made me believe that all was not wasted. So, while I enjoyed Law of Crimes 1 and Law of Contracts 1 (and to a great extent Law of Torts and International Law), it was only in the 4th semester that I actually sat in a class (a certificate course on International Law on Outer Space) that made me feel like I was in a University and not a Primary School like the majority of my courses do! It was not so much the content, as much as the pattern in which each session in this module used to progress.

Another pitiable fact about National Law Schools in India is that, they assign different modules for you. They leave you no room for making choices on which module you would like to take up. So, you are inevitably stuck with all the mishmash that the Institute decides you need to learn that semester, never mind that you were really keen on doing Media Law this semester and hated the very idea of sitting through Jurisprudence lectures about what Hart, Kelson, Holmes and various other jurists had to say on what the law is, or it ought to be!

I decided to take up Law because,

  1. It was the only professional course I’d rather do.
  2. I was under the highly fallacious notion that people learnt to appreciate and analyse the Laws in a Law school.

While, I still believe in reason 1, reason 2 will probably never really see the light of day in my Law School. So, I remain, a disillusioned Law Student who now hopes that graduation would come her way before she has to ever write another post along the same lines!

4 Responses to “2 Down, 3 More to Go!”
  1. Ramadas p vaidyanathan says:

    enjoy learning.

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