My Kids!

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Yes! I have kids! 4 of them! They are mine. I love them.

I have learnt so much more from knowing them than I would have in the comfort of an air-conditioned lecture-hall where they once told the 600 students present about ‘Overseas Missions Trips’! These kids make my life worth living. They are the reason I held up when things in my life were, well, less than perfect. They make me a more responsible individual. When I am around them, I feel I AM making the change I always dreamed of!

Enough about me! This Blog is for the kids and it is them that I shall talk about!

My kids live in a home for girls called Valsalyabhavan. We shall not dwell on why they are here, but rest assured that most of their parents are still alive. The first time I met them, they were having a camp and they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. A cynic like me, felt like a complete outsider, but these girls have their way with even people of my kind! They cheerfully accepted my nervous smiles and came forth to introduce themselves and to inquire about me. Through the course of the journey back to their place, I warmed up to them and Mary managed to tell me all about her life and family. I remember saying goodbye to them knowing how grateful I ought to be for all that I have in my life!

Since then, I have been going to Valsalyabhavan regularly to teach Mary, Shemi, Sreelakshmi and Anakha. Its a beautiful feeling you get teaching these kids. No, it’s not easy! There are days when I feel my efforts are futile and that it’s pointless to only go there for 2 hours a week and expect them to be Pundits in English by the end of the year. But those days are the exception to the rule. The rule is ~ I fell in love with them, and by some divine piece of luck they adore me too.

Now, when you love someone the way I love them and they love me, you begin to be able to see beyond the disappointments; you begin to bring out the best in the other person. I know it is true, for I have experienced it. For them, I managed to make 16 anklets whereas if it were for me, I would have probably abandoned the pursuit at the very beginning. For them, I make sure that I prepare for my classes in such a way that I ensure everyone learns something. For them, I don’t crib about washing my own clothes anymore. For them, I become the best I can be. They don’t let me down either! When I ask them to do something, they try their best to complete that task. On my request they persevere to communicate in English for those two hours a week. When I ask them not to do something, they oblige oh so willingly.

But if you ever asked me the highlight of my visits to Valsalyabhavan, it is that moment when they see me coming and run out to hug me. It is a hug that says a million things, but mostly that hug is just trying to make up for the last 166 hours that we have spent apart! Still, the day they made me so happy I almost had tears in my eyes would be the day I walked to Valsalyabhavan and no one came to hug me. A little dejected but mostly surprised, I walked into the class to find them all sitting there and dutifully preparing for the dictation that I was going to give them that day. Needless to say, they all did very well that day!

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