The Inception!

At 10.30 on the Saturday before my semester end exams, I am faced with the dilemma of choosing between two equally tempting options of either to continue studying for my English paper OR to create an account on WordPress. What I ultimately chose is anybody’s guess!

It is not that I do not appreciate English. In my opinion, English is the most interesting topic in the entire 5 year curriculum of BA LLB (Hons) ~ Oh ya, somehow people in my college always remember to add in that Hons in brackets. Its like, an extra degree that we acquire in the course of these 5 years. As for English, i just think it is a much more sophisticated topic than they make it to be at law school.

English is one of those few subjects you learn since your early days that really makes you think. It is in English classes that meta-cognition actually takes root. In Secondary School, I looked forward to English classes, enjoyed writing expository and argumentative pieces and thoroughly enjoyed the occasions when the teacher struck up a discussion on some current topic.

Shakespeare’s writings are timeless pieces of art, it makes you marvel at his genius and also the power of words and sentences. But once you bring them into your lecture hall, it becomes just some words that your teacher spits out every once in a while when he is not busy laughing at his own jokes!

As for Russell, his radical ideologies are completely lost on students who take their 3 hours of back-to-back English lectures as an opportunity to catch some of their lost sleep (which they most probably lost sitting in front of Facebook the entire night!). Suffice to say that, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a re-visit to our kindergarten days, when we used to have nap-time in class.

And lastly, if you really had to squeeze out any interest I had in reading Sherlock Holmes, you couldn’t have found a better solution than simply adding it to my curriculum, where I am spoon-fed with notes on the detailed descriptions of events that transpire in the story which I am expected to regurgitate word for word with the hopes of clearing my English paper!

So, at the end of the day, I am driven away from the one subject that I otherwise adore!

As for writing, it has always been a passion. My first creative piece was inspired by the scene from my window around the time I was 12. I have continued writing ever since. More furiously in the recent past, but less so in the last few months. I suffer from a strange form of verbal diarrhea that demands me to jab words onto my computer screen while simultaneously expecting high standards of succinctness and conciseness!

I love reading well-written articles with a subtle hint of humor. And I am a sucker for big words that I don’t really know the meaning of (In my defense, that’s how you learn!). My ideal guy would not only know words like Cyan, Teal, Lilac, Tangerine; he’ll know the difference!

All these talks aside, first I need to work my way through these Semester exams that begin on the 11th… About 32 hours from now…

2 Responses to “The Inception!”
  1. Binny V A says:

    > Cyan, Teal, Lilac, Tangerine
    Cyan I know – because of the CYMK printing standard. Tangerine sounds like orange. But no idea.

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