The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)!

The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)!

So, if I have a reply to the person who claims that All Men Are Not Assholes, it is this; maybe all men are not assholes, and if what you say is indeed true, then I am glad that you decided to inform us that non-assholes do inhabit this planet. However, by and large, I … Continue reading

In Sickness and in Health

When I first considered writing about my Platinum Day of Love, I was sure this would be something akin to the time I participated in a Love Letter Writing Competition; me audaciously venturing into a field that I have absolutely no idea about! I mean, what do I know about love that has not already been … Continue reading

And… The Countdown Begins!

My lil Ganesha! :)

When I joined Law School, I never thought I would see myself getting out of this place alive. Five years seemed like a long marathon that would see me burn out before I saw the finish line. But here I am, seven semesters down and three more to go, before I venture out into the … Continue reading


Bored Tee-babe and Danish!

Apathetic Three years of law school and the only emotion that you manage to glean out of your system is one of apathy. This year passed by quicker than you realised. Maybe this is the trick then, to immerse yourself in so much activity that you do not have time to deal with things that … Continue reading

Is This What PMS Is All About?

Christmas is the only thing that can cheer-up this PMS-ing Woman!

It starts when you see that the caller-ID on your phone shows a picture of your little brother and the only emotion it elicits is irritation. Then there was the lady beside you, lamenting – no, weeping – about having a boyfriend who has left her more dependent and in need of care than she was before, but refuses … Continue reading

Student of the Year is not just a Trophy!

At the Cinema: Student of the Year

Yesterday, as I walked into the Cinema to watch Student of The Year, some part of me was imploring me to walk away. You see, I had a weird feeling that this movie was the Bollywood version of the High School Musical series (which I hated so much that I have bailed on my friends … Continue reading

The Institution of Marriage

So you thought Marriage is about either falling in love and getting married or, having an arranged marriage and learning to live with (if not love) the other person! I honestly think there is another option; Do Not Get Married. It is as simple as that. I admit that my cynicism does not stem from … Continue reading

A Revisit to Neverland!

I have never really understood why Wendy decided to return home rather than stay in Neverland forever. That was, until I relived The Weekend I Didn’t Want To Grow Out Of! It started out fine, with two visits to the Cochin Airport, picking up some really interesting people from the field of theatre. I am … Continue reading

Tête-à-tête At A Wedding

The Wedding ~ Venue

I had been looking forward to this wedding with varying degrees of uneasiness and excitement, for almost 6 months now. I was a little upset over the fact that she was still too young to get married. This could largely be due to the fact that, accepting that someone who had dressed up barbies and … Continue reading

All In A Month’s Work!

On the very first day of my internship, I was convinced that this would be my dream internship. There was every factor to encourage procrastination, laziness and all such vices that fall in this department. If you were to ask me the greatest accomplishments of my days as an intern it would be sipping a … Continue reading

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